Campus Örebro

Three kilometres, or ten minutes by bicycle, from the centre of Örebro you find the university’s main campus. The campus is like a small town – in addition to teaching facilities there are cafés, restaurants and housing.

The area has expanded rapidly over the past years. Today there are 11 buildings on campus.

Map of Campus Örebro

Campus USÖ

Campus USÖ is situated nearby Örebro University Hospital. This is the campus for the university's medical students from term 4. Here you can find the university's medical library, and Clinical Research Center - University hospital resource support for patient-oriented clinical research.

Campus Alfred Nobel, Karlskoga

Midway between Stockholm and Oslo, in the town of Karlskoga, you find Campus Alfred Nobel. The campus is host to the Modelling and Simulation Research School (MoS).

Map of Campus Alfred Nobel

Campus Grythyttan

In Grythyttan, 70 km north of Örebro, lies the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science. Education and research in the field of culinary arts and hospitality science takes place here.

Map of Campus Grythyttan

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