Campus tour

Photographs and descriptions of campus buildings
Photograph of the Entrance Building

Entrance Building

In the Entrance Building you find the Vice-Chancellor and administration. Here you also find the university reception and switchboard.

Photograph of the Long Building

Long Building

Here you find the Student Services Centre, Drivhuset, IT Support Services, Repro and Technical Support Services. The Swedish Business School at Örebro University and the School of Law, Psychology and Social Work reside in this building. The Kraka restaurant and Café So Smart are found here too.

Photograph of the University Library

University Library

This building contains the library, the Assembly Hall and Café Lyktan.

Photograph of the Forum Building

Forum Building

This building contains the School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences. Here you also find the Forum Restaurant, the cinema and the Quiet Room.

Photograph of the Prisma Building

Prisma Building

Here you find the School of Health and Medical Sciences as well as research laboratories in the fields of biology and chemistry. The Campus Health Centre, caretakers and sign language interpretors are also placed in the Prisma Building.

Photograph of the School of Music

School of Music

The School of Music contains the university's concert hall and a gallery. The school of Music, Theatre and Art and Café Prego reside in this building. The School of Music was awarded a town architecture award by Örebro Council in 2004.

Photograph of the Student Union Building

Student Union Building

Here you find a restaurant and Örebro's largest night club with three bars and two dance floors. In this building Örebro's Student Union has its office.

Photograph of the Bilberg Building

Bilberg Building

Part of the School of Science and Technology is found in this building. Here you also find the research center Man Technology Environment (MTM).

Photograph of the Technology Building

Technology Building

Part of the School of Science and Technology is found in this building along with several research schools. Here you find the research center YeS (Youth & Society). Here you also find Restaurant Etage.

Photograph of the Gymnasium Building

The Gymnasium Building

In this building you find the sports science subject within the School of Health and Medical Sciences. There are two gymnastics halls, a large dance hall and a gym covering 500 square metres. Örebro University's Sports Association (ÖUIF) is found here. Next to this building there is another building which contains two sports halls.

Photograph of the Track and Field

Track and field

At Örebro University there is a complete track and field as well as football fields and courts for tennis, beach volleyball and street basket.

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