Örebro University is committed to developing its operations in a way that contributes to an ecologically sustainable development. The university’s environmental policy is the platform on which its environmental targets and action plan are based.

The targets aim at contributing to a sustainable development and meeting the national environmental quality targets. Every year, a report of the university’s efforts within environmental management is submitted to the Ministry of Education and Research and to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental policy

Örebro University is committed to operating in a way that actively and responsibly safeguards favourable living conditions for future generations. Consequently, in its role as a leading knowledge provider, Örebro University strives to be a driving force for a sustainable development of society through education, research and own environmental improvements.

  • The university is committed to working with research and education focusing on environment and sustainable development.
  • The university is committed to minimising its environmental impact, locally as well as globally.
  • The university is committed to cooperating, in its environmental efforts, with various parties, locally as well as regionally.
  • The university is committed to taking into consideration the environment and the well-being of future generations in any decisions and procurements made as well as in any other actions taken as part of its operations.

Updated: 2012-02-06

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