Swedish Tax Agency

Personal identity number/Civic registration

Persons who have a residence permit valid for one year or more can register in Sweden at the Swedish Tax Agency and receive a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer). The application is made at the local Tax Office in person.

The personal identity number consists of 10 digits; birth date and four check digits. This is important in Sweden as it is used for all official transactions, such as opening a bank account, the health system, car registration etc.

If you have a residence permit valid for less than a year you will be given a coordination number (samordningsnummer). The coordination number can be used when opening a bank account or get a Swedish driving licence. Please note that a coordination number does not entitle you to the healthcare benefits connected to the personal identity number.
The application for a coordination number can only be done by the University and not by an individual person.

 Information about personal identity numbers and population registration

 Information about coordination numbers 

ID card

ID-cards are issued by the Swedish Tax Agency. You can find information about how to apply on their website.

 Information about how to get an ID card

Income taxes

Please note that there are some exceptions to the regular tax system:





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