Planning your stay

There are some very important steps to take in order to have a smooth entry into Sweden. Below you find a brief checklist, but please also read all the information under this section about planning your stay!

  • Contact your hosting school at an early stage for advice and information about accommodation.
  • Make sure you have a passport that is valid for the entire stay in Sweden.
  • Apply for visa/permit at least two months in advance. Make sure your permit is stamped in your passport (only for non-EU citizens).
  • If you are an EU-citizen bring your Health Insurance Card (EU-card).
  • If you are a non-EU citizen bring proof of necessary insurances.
  • Bring necessary work and/or study certificates.
  • Bring documentation stating your civil status and, if you have accompanying children, their birth certificates.
  • If bringing children, apply for pre-school/school/child-care.
  • Check if there are any tax related issues that have to be solved before entering Sweden (If you will be employed in Sweden).
  • Remember to renew your native driver's license and bring it with you.
  • Make sure you bring any prescription medicines you will need in Sweden.

Updated: 2015-05-08

Editor: Linnea Sundström