Quality work at Örebro University aims at systematical improvement so that internal and external quality demands are met, and the goals formulated in the university's vision and strategy documents are reached. The quality work shall also lead to a quality culture, where quality awareness is an integral part of the activites and quality work is considered a joint concern for the university's staff and students.

Quality plan

A quality plan has been prepared to clarify the bases, goals, organisation and responsibilities, as well as strategies for support, implementation and follow-up of the quality work. The quality plan has lead to two action plans: one for education on the first, second and third levels, and one for research. The action plans describe the goals of the quality work and how it is implemented today, as well as which improvements shall be made during the period.

In addition to the systems above each school, faculty board and administration unit shall have their own local quality systems, that describe the unit's goals, organisation and methods for support, implementation and follow-up of the goals. The overall university quality work is lead by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Internationalisation and Quality Systems.

The Faculty Boards and the Separate Body for Teaching Qualifications are responsible for securing and developing quality within their respective areas. The Faculty Office provides administrative support for the quality work.

The quality work shall be an integral part of the actvities and abide by the routines established for operations planning and follow-up.

Updated: 2013-05-31

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