Welcome to Örebro University

Örebro University is a young and modern university. In a short period of time we have built up an extensive education and research environment. Our beautiful campus area has grown so fast that people who have not visited us for a few years easily loose their bearings.

What many people once thought was impossible is today reality. We view the future in the same way. With hard work, a distinct focus on quality and common goals we can shift the frontiers of what is considered possible.

Örebro University holds a strong position in the region. A majority of people moving on to higher education in the area choose Örebro University. Our external relations with trade and industry, county councils, municipalities and organisations are successful and expanding. We now work hard to further strengthen the university’s national and international role.

Welcome to us!

Vice-Chancellor Jens Schollin

Updated: 2013-05-31

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