Problems with Sound, Video or Picture

If you are encountering problems with sound, video or picture in lectures, follow the guides below to try to solve the problem.

If you're using a company computer you might need to contact the companys IT-department for installation of software or configuration of firewalls.

There might be different kinds of lectures in your course. If you do not know what software that is required to see and hear the lectures correctly, contact ICT-support by clicking the link to the right.

RealPlayer and Shockwave player

icon link Click the link to check of you can hear the sound

If you can't hear anything, check that speakers/headset are correctly connected to the computer. Also check that the volume is turned on.

icon link Click the link to check if you have Real Player installed

If you don't get any sound, download and install RealPlayer. The program is free.

icon link Download RealPlayer


Click the link below to check if Shockwave Player is installed. If the program isn´t installed you´ll be prompted to install it.

icon link Install or verify Shockwave

Adobe Flash-player

Download and install Flash Player. The program is free.

icon link Download Adobe Flash Player

If you need to uninstall Flash Player to make a reinstallation you need to download a software.

icon link Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Updated: 2014-06-24

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