Search schedule

Go to Change the start date to the date you want to view the schedule from.

You can find your schedule in two different ways:

  1. Type a word in the course name in the search field "course". All options that contain the word come up. Click on the option that contains the course code, application code and the semester you wish to see the schedule for.
  2. Write the course code in the search field "course". Click on the option you want to see the schedule for.

Course code, application code and semester?

The search code consists of a combination of the course code, application code and semester. There may be a number of variations of your course (sessions) for the selected period (e.g. half speed, full-time, distance, evening course). If there are several options to choose from, you need to know which application code that applies to your particular course to find the right schedule. The combination of the course code and application code can, for example, look like this: NO1001-65108V09-(course code-application code and semeter-). If there is a letter or number (or both) after the semester designation eg NO1001-65108V09-A, it means that there are several groups on the course. If you click on such an option, you get only the schedule for that specific group. Choose a code without a letter/number after the last segment to see the course schedule for all groups in the course.

You will find the application code for your course in your letter of admission. The course code can be found in your course syllabus.

Updated: 2009-12-08

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