Student e-mail

At Örebro University, we use e-mail to communicate with our students. Via e-mail you will receive information such as schedule changes and exam results. Therefore, we offer all new students e-mail in cooperation with Google. Our service provided by Google includes, in addition to e-mail, calendar and chat as well as tools to read, edit and share documents.

If you do not agree to register an e-mail account in collaboration with Google, you may choose to use a private e-mail address. However, this means that you lose the possibility to easily share information and work in groups within the framework of the university's collaboration with Google.

You will be requested to select a contact e-mail address when you activate your student account.

NOTE: Once you are enrolled as a student, it is important that you as quickly as possible activate your student account so you do not miss important information from the university.

Activate your student account here

Go to your student Google e-mail account

Go to the FAQ (in Swedish) if you have questions about the student Google e-mail

Manage your e-mail address (change your e-mail address and/or IMAP/POP password)

Updated: 2013-05-31

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