Equality and gender equality

Equality and gender equality for you as a student

Örebro University is committed to being a university for all. Every student and employee is to be considered as being a part of, and as such contributing to, diversity. Through participation and mutual respect, a safe and enriching study and working environment shall be created.

At Örebro University, gender equality efforts are an integral part of the work for equal rights and opportunities for students and staff. Women and men must be treated equally and be met with the same attitude and we are striving for gender balance in our working and study environments. As part of your education you are to be offered the knowledge that gender research has to offer within your specific professional field and subject. An awareness of gender and gender equality shall also be reflected in all teaching and learning contexts.

You can find all important documents in English here (Note that Equal Treatment Plan and Accessibility Plan are valid until December 31th 2012, according to Vice-Chancellor's decision (Dnr CF 16-805/2011). Gender Equality Plan is not yet translated into English):

Strategy for equal opportunities and gender equality at Örebro University

Accessibility Plan for Örebro university

Equal treatment plan for Örebro University

Discrimination and harassment

As a student you are protected through the Discrimination Act. For students and applicants to university courses and programmes, its aim is to promote equal rights and to prevent discrimination and harassment associated with gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, or age. Harassment and sexual harassment are covered by the Discrimination Act as forms of discrimination.

If you are discriminated against, by the university, a member of staff or by a fellow student, you may file a report. This should be addressed to Vice-Chancellor Jens Schollin and be sent to the Records Office (This is an email address or Örebro University, Records Office, 701 82 Örebro).

If a member of staff at Örebro University would receive information on harassment or sexual harassment, he or she is obliged to file a report. This applies to all members of staff. In the same way, the university is obliged to investigate any reported harassment – sexual or other. At Örebro University, students as well as staff are however urged to contribute to exposing and resolving all forms of discrimination, as all forms of discrimination will be investigated. You can – and should – therefore report cases of discrimination even if you yourself are not the victim. The alleged victim will always, at the start of any investigation, be asked to confirm or dismiss whether the discrimination has taken place.

Matters of discrimination are investigated by the university’s legal officers in accordance with special procedures:

Guidelines and procedures for managing discrimination and victimisation at Örebro University

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