Corridor-Style Living

On Campus there are apartment blocks with student corridors. There are eight/six student rooms in each corridor. Men and women live in the same corridor. The kitchen and the living room are shared with the other students living in the corridor. The rooms each have a private bathroom and WC. The rooms are 18.8 square meters (202 square feet) and designed for one person.

In most living rooms there is a TV-set either rented or owned by the students. If you watch television you are expected to share the cost of the TV-set. In the corridor there is a broom cupboard with cleaning equipment. In most of the corridors there are shared irons and ironing boards.

Accomodation Facilities

The rooms contain the following basic furniture: bed, bedside table, desk, chair, armchair, bookshelf and wardrobe. Curtains, blinds and carpets are not included.

The beds are 90 centimetres wide and 200 centimetres long and have a mattress. You will have to arrange for your own pillow, quilt, towels, bed-linen and clothes hangers.

In the kitchen each student has his/her own cupboard and a shelf in the refrigerator and the freezer. The kitchen is also equipped with a cooker and an oven and sometimes a microwave oven. It may be necessary for you to buy your own kitchen equipment, but in some corridors there is kitchen equipment that you may use.

In the accommodation areas there are laundry rooms containing washing machines, drying rooms and tumble dryers. The use of these facilities is free of charge. Electricity, heating and water are included in the rent. Light bulbs, fuses and cleaning equipment are things that you will have to buy yourself.


All student accommodation has a free Internet connection but you need to bring your own computer and a network cable for access. The rooms do not provide wireless connection.

Updated: 2014-09-29

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