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Trains in Sweden

There are several companies operating the railway network in Sweden. The largest train operator is SJ, wholly owned by the Swedish State. Most trains can be booked via SJ´s webpage.

SJ´s webpage in English

How to get your train ticket

Resrobot is a website where you can plan your complete journey with trains from SJ as well as other railway operators, together with connections for the regional public transport authorities.

Resrobot website in English

Railway stations in Örebro

There are two railway stations in Örebro; Örebro Central and Örebro Södra. The main railway station in Örebro is Örebro Central. In connection with Örebro Central is Resecentrum, the Travel Centre, from where you can catch a bus or a taxi to the University.

Örebro Södra is close to Conventum, a conference centre, congress hall and arena.

Getting to the University from Örebro Central

Updated: 2011-09-07

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