Application procedure

The online application for autumn semester 2015 will open on March 16.

We have an online application procedure for admission and housing (in the same form).

  1. Students make an online application, print it out and sign it
  2. The coordinator at the home university signs the application.
  3. The application, together with supporting documents, is then scanned and emailed to This is an email address as a pdf. Please do not send any hard copies of the application.

The mandatory supporting documents to the application are:

  • A printed version of the application form
  • A filled in course selection form
  • A transcript in English stating courses, grades and credits
  • For Music students only: recordings, see information on the right hand side.

Application deadline for admission & housing

  • April 15 - for autumn semester and/or full academic year
  • October 15 - for spring semester

Updated: 2015-02-11

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