What can you yourself do?

Our goal is for you to be as independent as possible, with a great deal of self determination. It is important that you can communicate your needs and that you take responsibility for your studies.

Contact the disability support coordinators to discuss what kind of support you need. When you study you are part of one of the University's schools. It may be helpful to inform fellow students, teachers, study counsellors and course administrators about what kind of support you require to compensate for your disability.

The most important person for you as a student is your teacher, who needs information concerning your support requirements in order to plan the tuition and be able to aid you. Most teachers are positive to different support forms, but some have little or no experience of your specific disability. Therefore it is important that you explain your needs. You can of course refer to the disability support officers, who can help you with the information.

Updated: 2011-12-30

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