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Driving in Sweden

Sweden has right-hand traffic. You must have your driving license with you whenever you drive. Sweden also has very strict rules regarding driving under the influence of alcohol. In Sweden the driver and all the passengers must always use the seat belt. There is a law that says that you must have dipped head lights on, even in bright daylight.

Driving Licences

In certain cases, driving licences from other countries are valid in Sweden. Please see the official web site about the rules for driving licences that are issued in countries outside Sweden.

More information about foreign driving licences

Insurance of Foreign Vehicles

Almost all motor vehicles are legally required to have motor insurance.

Swedish Motor Insurers information


In general parking is not for free. Parking-cards and the receipt for paid parking-fee have to be placed in the front window so it can be seen easily from the outside.

Car Rental

You can hire a car at some petrol stations in Örebro. You can find some of these close to the University.

Importing and Registering motor vehicles

Be prepared that it takes some time and patience to import and register vehicles in Sweden. The responsoble agency is The Swedish Transport Agency.

Information about import of motorvehicles


In Örebro it is useful to have a bicycle. The best way to get a bike is to buy one second hand. Either from a bike store or by looking at the advertising boards at the University.

When it is dark you must have the lights front and back switched on. You should always lock your bike. Ride your bike on the cycle path, or on the right side of the road. You are not allowed to ride more than one person on a bike. Always park your bike in a designated parking area for bikes.


The best way to get hold of a taxi is to order one. You can also try to get one by stopping one on the street. Make sure that the car carries the sign TAXI on the roof and have a yellow number plate. It is not advisable to take an unauthorized taxicab. The taxi companies have different discounts, so make it a habit to ask if any discounts are offered. Telephone number: 019-12 43 00, 019-12 30 30 .

Updated: 2014-08-18

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