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Anna Roosvall
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Articles in journals

Roosvall, A. (2014). Beyond dialogue: exploring solidarity as a mode of communication through a debate on readers’ comments to online news. Northern Lights, 12 (1), 49-67.

Roosvall, A. (2014). The identity politics of world news: oneness, particularity, identity and status in online slideshows. International journal of cultural studies, 17 (1), 55-74.

Roosvall, A. & Tegelberg, M. (2013). Framing climate change and indigenous peoples: intermediaries of urgency, spirituality and de-nationalization. International Communication Gazette, 75 (4), 392-409.

Roosvall, A. (2009). Global Divides in Cosmographic Genres.: Charity, Solidarity and Different Explanations of Difference. Nordicom Review, 30 (jubilee issue), 163-174.

Articles, book reviews

Roosvall, A. (2012). Sabina Mihelj, Media nations: Communicating belonging and exclusion in the modern world. Global Media and Communication, 8 (1), 93-95.


Roosvall, A. & Salovaara-Moring, I. (2010). Communicating the nation: national topographies of global media landscapes. Göteborg: Nordicom.

Chapters in books

Roosvall, A. (2014). Foreign news: a flagship of the nation in an age of globalization. In: Gönül Pultar, Imagined identities: identity formation in the age of globalization (pp. 68-91). Syracuse: Syracuse University Press.

Roosvall, A. & Tegelberg, M. (2012). Misframing the messenger: scales of justice, traditional ecological knowledge and media coverage of arctic indigenous peoples and climate change. In: Elisabeth Eide, Risto Kunelius, Media meets climate: the global challenge for journalism (pp. 297-312). Gothenburg: Nordicom.

Roosvall, A. (2010). Sweden: between domestication and glocalisation. In: Elisabet Eide, Risto Kunelius, Ville Kumpu, Global climate - local journalisms: a transnational study of how media make sense of climate summits (pp. 309-324). Bochum/Freiburg: Projekt Verlag.

Roosvall, A. (2010). What is threatening the west?: Islam/communism, religion/politics and the rational/irrational discourse. In: Stig A. Nohrstedt, Communicating risks: towards the threat society (pp. 115-136). Göteborg: Nordicom.

Roosvall, A. & Salovaara-Moring, I. (2010). Introduction. In: Anna Roosvall, Inka Salovaara-Moring, Communicating the nation: national topographies of global media landscapes (pp. 9-21). Göteborg: Nordicom.

Roosvall, A. (2010). Image-nation: the national, the cultural and the global in foreign news slide-shows. In: Anna Roosvall, Inka Salovaara-Moring, Communicating the nation: national topographies of global media landscapes (pp. 215-236). Göteborg: Nordicom.

Roosvall, A. (2009). We witness the world: national and cosmopolitan memories in documentaries about foreign nations. In: Enric Castelló, Alexander Dhoest, Hugh O'Donnell, The nation on screen: discourses of the national on global television (pp. 177-196). Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Roosvall, A. (2008). Dokument utifrån, en tv-historia om identitet - egen och andras. In: Anna Edin, Per Vesterlund, Svensk television: en mediehistoria (pp. 284-308). Stockholm: Statens ljud- och bildarkiv.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Roosvall, A. (2005). Utrikesjournalistikens antropologi: nationalitet, etnicitet och kön i svenska tidningar. (Doctoral dissertation). Stockholm: Stockholms universitet, JMK.

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