Örebro University Alumni Network

Are you a student about to complete your studies with Örebro University? Or have you already finished, but would like to stay in touch with your former friends and classmates? Have you considered the business resources available to you if you maintain or re-establish the link to education and research at your university?

Then take a look at the Örebro University Alumni Network. The network aims to help maintain contact between the university and its alumni (graduates). As a member, you'll receive information on and invitations to a range of events and meetings organised through the network.

After completing your studies it's easy to lose contact with friends and the connection to your study programme as people travel and build their careers. The network provides a meeting place for staying in touch with former students, as well as make new friends.

It's a platform that also helps you establish valuable professional contacts, continuing to build on the relationships and connections that began during your time with Örebro University. Through the network, you can explore the potential of a world-wide community of Swedish and international alumni, providing networking and collaboration opportunities, as well as lifelong learning.

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Updated: 2013-12-04

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