Örebro University Alumni Network

If you’ve spent some time studying, researching or working with Örebro University, then we hope you share the enthusiasm of your fellow alumni* for the institution, and their pride at being a part of the Örebro story.

As an alumnus, you can benefit from your lifelong association with ORU in many ways, including:

  • Access career advice and build your professional networks via our official LinkedIn group
  • Stay up-to-date with events and news through our Facebook pages
  • Develop your cultural, social and professional life through our events programme
  • Form new connections and friendships by forming an official ORU ‘chapter’ in your local area
  • Hear about the latest research findings and University successes in our magazine
  • Ask for help tracking down old colleagues and friends
  • Use the University’s expertise and infrastructure to test a business idea, product or opportunity.

And of course, you can also enjoy exercising your philanthropic muscles by supporting the University’s work. Volunteering your time for example – giving a lecture, or mentoring a student. Donating to pioneering and impactful research perhaps. Or offering work experience or job opportunities to Örebro students.

Your University is making a real and essential difference to the lives of people in Örebro, across Sweden and around the world. It is doing this through its cutting-edge research, its quality education and its inspiring graduates – people like you in fact.

So our thanks to you. You and your fellow alumni continue to be an important part of University life, and we hope you’ll enjoy playing an active role in your alumni community in the years to come.

Dulce est sapere - Knowledge is sweet

The Alumni Team.

*Alumni – a term typically used across higher education to describe people who have studied at or graduated from an institution. Often, as here, it also refers to academic and professional staff who’ve worked (or are working) for an institution. Welcome on board!

Updated: 2015-06-08

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