Search assistance

The library staff offers help and support to students, teachers and postgraduate students at the library, on campus and at home.

Reference desks

The reference desk on the ground floor is staffed Monday-Friday 8.30-18.00 and Saturdays 11.00-16.00. Other hours there are just support staff at the library, which means limited service.


You may also reach the reference desk by calling 019-30 32 40 during the hours mentioned above.


You are always welcome to contact us through e-mail. We reply as soon as we can. General inquiries may be sent to This is an email address 

Make an appointment with a librarian

As a student, postgraduate student or teacher you may make an appointment with a librarian for personal instructions or group instructions. You may receive assistance in finding suitable subject headings, finding the databases you need and search the Internet.

Updated: 2010-09-01

Editor: Birgitta Hansson