Writing Centre (Språkverkstaden)

Free advice on academic writing for students and research students

Are you writing an essay, a thesis, report or PM? Do you need advice on how to improve your writing skills? Then come see us at the Writing Centre!

If you are a student at Örebro University you can receive advice on academic writing. We answer your questions regarding style and language; citation technique and references; presentation and form.

If you are a research student, you can turn to the Writing Centre with your thesis or other texts that you write as part of your research, to receive advice on language and style.

In Röda Rummet (ground floor of the Main Library) you can find dictionaries and writers’ handbooks which help you develop your writing skills.

Guide to academic independence

We give you qualified help to develop your language and your writing skills. We do not proof read, but give you the tools to improve your text further. If you want consultation, send in a couple of pages of your text along with any guidelines you might have been given by your supervisor.


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