Educational research is mainly conducted within two research environments: SMED (Studies of Meaning-Making in Educational Discourses) and Education and Democracy.


The research environment SMED (Studies of Meaning-Making in Educational Discourses) is a multi-diciplinary research environment in the field of didactics and educational science. Members of the environment are researchers and PhD students in education and sport science at Örebro university. The research environment SMED conducts theory and method development in educational research. The environment takes point of departure both in research on learning and in curriculum theory research to analyse meaning making in different educational discourses. At the centre of the environment's interests are issues of learning and socialization in a sociocultural perspective, inspired by pragmatism, discourse theory and Ludwig Wittgenstein's later work. The environment conducts analyses of transactions and discourses of education, both in recorded conversations of different teaching contexts and of texts on education. In this way, focus is put on individuals' experiences, social processes and institutionalized traditions and how all this is included and involved in the processes and contents of meaning making.

Education and Democracy

The research environment Education and Democracy consists of around 40 researchers in many different research teams concentrated around different research projects but also collaborating around different areas like literacy, communication and citizenship, professional responsibility and education for sustainability. The historical and disciplinary basis of the research environment is within educational research and most of the members are educational researchers, but there are also sociologists and collaborations within projects with researchers from political science, informatics. The research has grown out from curriculum theory and didactics in educational research but since many years and today there are also research going on within philosophy of education, political philosophy and research on educational history and politics.

Updated: 2015-12-15

Editor: Kicki Ekberg