Research Projects in Education

  • CINLE - Studies of everyday Communication and Identity processes in Netbased Learning Environments

    This research conducted within project CINLE lies at the intersection of sociocultural theoretical points of departure, postcolonial theory and...Read more
  • CIT - Communication, Identity and Technology

    Project Communication, Identity and Technology, CIT, focuses questions related to language, language-use and identity positions, with particular...Read more
  • Creating Learning Environments for Compassionate Care

    By a internationally leading research group at the Health Sciences, University of Southampton, UK studies are on-going in order to develop, implement...Read more
  • Effects of national tests

    The project investigates how national tests in different subjects are perceived by teachers, school leaders and pupils in grades 6 and 9 of the...Read more
  • Institutional Settings and Civic Education: A Comparative Study of Different Types of Public and Private Schools

    Since the 1990s, the Swedish school system has become increasingly more diversified. Decentralisation, the introduction of private schools, the...Read more
  • Languages and Identities in School Arenas in the 21st century LISA-21

    How is the learning and instruction of languages (like Swedish, Swedish as a 2nd language, home-language, foreign language, bilingualism, Swedish...Read more
  • Learning of practical skills

    An overall aim of the project is to study how learning of practical skills takes place and is evaluated in the nursing programs. A systematic...Read more
  • Teaching and learning processes concerning argumentation within Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

    The aim of this project is to create knowledge on teaching and learning regarding argumentation in ESD-discourses that involves both knowledge and...Read more

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