Research Projects in Gender Studies

  • Developing the equality measurement framwork: selecting the indicators

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  • Enhancing the quality of policy through intersectional analysis? Intersectionality, multiple inequalities and the case of gender-based violence.

    The aim of this project is to further develop the concepts of ‘multiple inequalities’ and ‘intersectionality’ through...Read more
  • Feminist Theories on Intersectionality, transversal dialogues and new synergies

    The aim of the project is to systematically bring key theoretical and methodological strands of feminist intersectional analysis into dialogue and to...Read more
  • Gender and the Financial Crisis

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  • Gender Talk Gender Spaces

    The anthropologically framed research project GTGS focuses institutional practices and developmental trajectories over time and space. The ongoing...Read more
  • Legal security and the criminal justice system

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  • Love Power: Feminism, Embodiment and Experience

    The project examines love and its relation to power from different feminist perspectives. It involves an international group of scholars from...Read more
  • Men and care: about acting space

    The project Men and care: about acting space is a project not funded. It is about how both individual factors and structural factors contribute to...Read more
  • On the Ontology of Love, Sexuality and Power. Towards a Feminist-Realist Depth Approach

    The thesis is an assessment and elaboration of Anna G. Jónasdóttir?s highly original and groundbreaking but relatively sidestepped...Read more
  • Overview of the worldwide best practices for rape prevention and for assisting women victims of rape

    The project aims to research and provide an overview of the worldwide best practices for rape prevention and for assisting women victims of rape. It...Read more

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