Research Projects in Gender Studies

  • Coaching boys into men. A project on sports, gender equality and masculinity

    Today, sport as a cultural phenomena have a large spectator base. Every year the National Hockey League (NHL) gathers approximately 20-22 million...Read more
  • Conceptualizing intersectionality

    PhD project: Amund Rake HoffartSupervisor: Liisa HusuCo-supervisor: Lena GunnarssonRead more
  • Critical Realism - Theory and Application

    The project is connected to the Critical Realism Seminar at Örebro University. It conducts research that draws on, applies, develops or in other...Read more
  • Critical Realism, Gender and Feminism

    The project aims at exploring synergies between critical realism and gender studies/feminist theory. It aims at strengthening the presence of...Read more
  • Engaging South African and Finnish youth towards new traditions of non-violence, equality and social well-being

    Acknowledging that there is much to be gained from a comparative and reflective sharing of current community, institutional and organisational work...Read more
  • Enhancing the Quality of Policy Through Intersectional Analysis? Intersectionality, Multiple Inequalities and the Case of Gender-based Violence.

    The aim of this project is to further develop the concepts of ‘multiple inequalities’ and ‘intersectionality’ through...Read more
  • FATIMA: Preventing Honour Related Violence by Education and Dialogue Through Immigrant NGO:s (2015-2017)

    This cross-sectoral DAPHNE-funded collaborative project explores and develops tools and methods to prevent so-called honour related violence...Read more
  • Female Genital Mutilation: Girls at Risk in the EU

    This project, funded by EIGE, develops a method and methodological approach to estimate the number of girls at risk of female genital mutilation...Read more
  • Female Homosociality in Female Networks

    PhD project: Ida-Maria Börjesson
    Supervisor: Liisa Husu
    Co-supervisor: Gunnel Karlsson

    Read more
  • Femicide Across Europe

    Femicide is a leading cause of premature death for women globally, distinct from homicide and other forms of gender violence. Femicide research is...Read more

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