Research Projects in Gender Studies

  • Legal Security and the Criminal Justice System

    Information is only available in Swedish. 

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  • Love Power: Feminism, Embodiment and Experience

    The project examines love and its relation to power from different feminist perspectives. It involves an international group of scholars from...Read more
  • The Commodification of Motherhood: An Integrated Feminist Social Research Perspective on Mediatisation and Mediation of Mothering in an Era of Consumerism

    This project aims to investigate how through the processes of mediatisation and mediation of motherhood in contemporary society both ideas and...Read more
  • The Making of Political Women.

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  • The Quality of Gender + Equality Policy (QUING)

    QUING is an Integrated Project funded by the European Union under Framework 6 to investigate gender and citizenship in a multicultural context,...Read more
  • The Strength of Feminist Civil Society Organisations in the EU 27

    The project, funded by the Swedish Research Council, aims to develop a typology to describe and compare variations in strength of feminist civil...Read more
  • Theorising Men and Masculinities

    The ‘Theorising Men and Masculinities’ project is a development from longstanding empirical, conceptual and theoretical research and...Read more
  • Transnationalisations of Men and Masculinities

    The strand entitled Transnationalisations of Men and Masculinities builds on extensive international, comparative and postcolonial research in Europe...Read more
  • Worldwide Best Practices for Rape Prevention and for Assisting Women Victims of Rape

    This EP-funded project aims to research and provide an overview of the worldwide best practices for rape prevention and for assisting women victims...Read more

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