Research Projects in Gender Studies

  • Gender and the Financial Crisis

    This umbrella project investigates the various social and political implications and consequences of the financial crisis, and the ways in which...Read more
  • Gender diversity, research and innovation

    The impact of gender diversity on research productivity, quality and innovation is very unevenly evidenced. Incremental insights from gender studies,...Read more
  • Gender dynamics of East-West research mobility

    This project examines the drivers of migration of female SET professionals originating from post-socialist countries. What motives brought them to...Read more
  • Gender mainstreaming and innovation in public services

    The project aims to contribute to further development of gender mainstreaming in public sector organisations. In our previous research on gender...Read more
  • Gender paradoxes in academic and scientific organisations

    Gender paradoxes in how academic and scientific organizations are changing and being changed are the main focus in this project, building on the...Read more
  • Gender Talk Gender Spaces

    The anthropologically framed research project GTGS focuses institutional practices and developmental trajectories over time and space. The ongoing...Read more
  • GenPORT

    Many organisations have made sustained efforts to advance gender equality in science - through research, practical action and policy development.Read more
  • Legal Security and the Criminal Justice System

    Information is only available in Swedish. 

    Read more
  • Love Power: Feminism, Embodiment and Experience

    The project examines love and its relation to power from different feminist perspectives. It involves an international group of scholars from...Read more
  • The Commodification of Motherhood: An Integrated Feminist Social Research Perspective on Mediatisation and Mediation of Mothering in an Era of Consumerism

    This project aims to investigate how through the processes of mediatisation and mediation of motherhood in contemporary society both ideas and...Read more

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