Research Projects in Media and Communication Studies

  • Big and small Town Cinemas and their Audiences

    Research on cultural and social aspects of cinema is commonly underpinned by a "modernity thesis" modeled on life in the European metropolis. Thus,...Read more
  • Crisis Communication in a Digital Age

    The information is in Swedish

    Read more
  • From Risk to Threat: Social Representations of Climate Change in the Media and among Citizens

    The purpose of the project is to analyse social representations of climate change in the media and among citizens. Keywords: social representations,...Read more
  • Global Journalism and the Digital Web

    This project concerns the transformation of news in global times. I'm interested in the concept of global journalism, which captures an emerging mode...Read more
  • Ordinary people on Television: A historical study of change, continuity and transformation

    This project aims at conducting an empirical historical investigation of Swedish television. It focuses on change, continuity and transformation as...Read more
  • PhD project: Application of Participatory Communication as a Model for Improving Health Communication: A Case Study of the Stop Malaria Project in Uganda

    The thesis focuses on the process of participatory communication in the Stop Malaria Project (SMP) in Uganda. Despite Uganda's continuous efforts to...Read more
  • Post-television practices: Reinventing broadcasting and print media with the use of web TV

    These days, everybody seems to be producing television. In a way, this is a rather odd observation. It is odd because for the last decade or so,...Read more
  • The Journalism-Politics-PR Interplay on Twitter: Hybridized, Cross-Professional Relations on the Web

    The purpose of this project is to examine how journalists, politicians and PR practitioners interact on the Web, and the role of power. The impact...Read more

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