Research Projects in Media and Communication Studies

  • MediaClimate

    MediaClimate is an international comparative project focused on how media cover climate change, particularly in relation to the UN climate summits,...Read more
  • Nation and Globalization in Foreign News. Culture and Politics in the International News Picture Circuit (2008-2012)

    The project is focused on world news picture paragraph slideshows in online newspapers from Sweden, the UK, and the USA. The slideshows are studied...Read more
  • Ordinary people on Television: A historical study of change, continuity and transformation

    This project aims at conducting an empirical historical investigation of Swedish television. It focuses on change, continuity and transformation as...Read more
  • Post-television practices: Reinventing broadcasting and print media with the use of web TV

    These days, everybody seems to be producing television. In a way, this is a rather odd observation. It is odd because for the last decade or so,...Read more
  • Press Conferences as Public Arena

    During the first half of the 20th century press conferences took place "off the record" as irregular meetings between the Prime Minister and a few...Read more
  • The Journalism-Politics-PR Interplay on Twitter: Hybridized, Cross-Professional Relations on the Web

    The purpose of this project is to examine how journalists, politicians and PR practitioners interact on the Web, and the role of power. The impact...Read more
  • The Language of Politics in the Media Public Sphere

    The information is in Swedish

    Read more
  • The Politics of Place. Ethnicity and Class in Media Representations of Indigenous and Mobile Minorities

    Indigenous peoples are often ascribed particular status due to their longstanding connection to a specific place (or argue for such status due to...Read more
  • Through a post-political gaze: On the ideological loading of democracy in the coverage of Chávez's Venezuela

    Through a critical perspective the dissertation examines the ideological composition of the media discourse on the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela.Read more
  • Up and Down with Climate Change in the Media

    Climate change, perhaps the most important issue of our times for sustainable development, has for several years played a central role in Swedish...Read more

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