Research Projects in Sociology

  • Chemicals and Textiles: Management of environmental and health risks from products with complex product chains

    The objective of this interdisciplinary research project is to gain insights about opportunities and challenges that private and public organizations...Read more
  • Conditions for Participatory Environmental Governance in a Regional Context: The Baltic and Adriatic Sea Regions

    The general aim of this project is to gain new knowledge on the conditions for environmental organizations to play an influential role within...Read more
  • Research project - Configuring and governing public space. Urban order, social life and crime prevention

    This project focuses on the configuration and regulation of public space in the city. The aim of the project is to study different understandings and...Read more
  • The child as a project. Parenting ideals, parenting practices, and the professionalization of parenthood.

    Never before have so many children been brought into the world as a result of premeditated choices. The timing of children is often planned so...Read more

Updated: 2012-01-18

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