Research Projects in Sociology

  • "So sorry for the loss of your little friend": A study of condolence cards for bereaved pet keepers

    This project is a pre-study conducted by David Redmalm for a planned larger study of the commercialization of the loss and mourning of companion...Read more
  • Between dream and reality. International and national studies of parenting and work.

    As part of an international collaboration, this project studies how dual-earner couples negotiate and decide the division of paid and unpaid work and...Read more
  • Chemicals and Textiles: Management of environmental and health risks from products with complex product chains

    The objective of this interdisciplinary research project is to gain insights about opportunities and challenges that private and public organizations...Read more
  • Conditions for Participatory Environmental Governance in a Regional Context: The Baltic and Adriatic Sea Regions

    The general aim of this project is to gain new knowledge on the conditions for environmental organizations to play an influential role within...Read more
  • Coping with uncertainty: regulation, decision making and learning in natural resource management

    It is more the rule than the exception that governmental agencies make decisions based on insufficient or uncertain knowledge. In most cases,...Read more
  • Critical Realism - Theory and Application

    The project is connected to the Critical Realism Seminar at Örebro University. It conducts research that draws on, applies, develops or in other...Read more
  • Do citizens matter? The policy-science-citizen dynamics in governing transboundary environmental problems. The case of climate change, biodiversity loss and air pollution

    Whereas scientific knowledge is widely recognized as an essential element of environmental standards-setting and policy-making, there is...Read more
  • Family work and wages in Sweden and Europe. Studies on women?s and men?s wages and their associations with housework and childcare

    This project investigates the association between family work and wages. Swedish family policy, such as public childcare and parental leave benefits,...Read more
  • From the sea to the land beyond. Cooperation and conflicts around whales and whaling within the global whaling debate.

    The project explores the interactions and frictions between different groups within debates around nature, with the case of marine biologists within...Read more
  • How diversity make a difference. A comparative study of how issues of ethnic and national diversity are managed in mass media organizations in Sweden and Germany

    The development towards diversity in the working life is necessary both on the basis of globalization and as a human rights issue. Hence, the main...Read more

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