Research Projects in Musicology

  • "The learning musician". A study about Military Musicians and their musical and educational development in a life-span musicianship

      This study concerns the life-long musical and educational learning processes of retired military musicians, who all commenced their musical...Read more
  • Cultural diversity within Music teacher education in Sweden - wishful thinking or possible future?

    The research, or the research area, addresses and problematizes (the lack of) cultural diversity - ethnic diversity as well as content diversity -...Read more
  • Discourses of academization and professionalization in higher music education (DAPHME)

    The general aim of the DAPHME project is to investigate discourses on professionalism within the field of higher music education, in particular music...Read more
  • Dmitry Shostakovich and the Soviet state ideology

    The composer Dmitri Shostakovich worked in a country where the state materialized in the Communist Party zealously watched over all the arts. My...Read more
  • Improving improvisation. Improvisation in music education in primary school.

    Read more
  • Music education, quality and equality

    The purpose of this research is to examine how current discourses in music education research and political debate influence music education in terms...Read more
  • Music of the Third Space

    This PhD project concerns immigrants' ability to participate in musical practices in Sweden. By studying transnational characterized musical...Read more
  • Music, Identity and Multiculturalism: A study of the role of music in ethnic-based associations

    Music Identity and Multiculture is an ethnographic project that uses a multidisciplinary approach to examine the functions of music for...Read more
  • Music, media and digitalisation

    The purpose of the study Music, media and digitalisation is to map the possibilities and implications that digital music distribution may cause. The...Read more
  • Ontology, Music, Education. Heideggerian inspirations

    In the western world general music as educational subject seems to be increasingly under pressure by budget cutbacks as well as loss of status in the...Read more

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