School of Health and Medical Sciences

Research Teams

  • Anestesiology

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  • Breast cancer surgery

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  • Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS)

    The research group studies and evaluates how reduction of stress and support for important functions during the perioperative care can improve and...Read more
  • Functional Bioinformatics

    Objectives Background Functional Analyses in Bioinformatics, in contrast to the sister bioinformatics disciplines of Structural Analysis and...Read more
  • Geriatric Medicine and multimorbidity/frailty in elderly people

    The research group studies multimorbid, frail elderly people, especially 75 years and older in community based elderly care. The studies focus on:-...Read more
  • Gut health

    Research area The overall goal of our research is to improve gut health, based on the paradigm that nutrition, intestinal microbiota, gut mucosa and...Read more
  • Healthy City

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  • Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)

    Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are a group of diseases characterized by severe chronic intestinal inflammation with pronounced negative impact on...Read more
  • Institute for Disability Research

    Research is conducted within SIDR into impairment and disability. The research field is broad and the research targets several different types of...Read more
  • Intra-operative colonization and rekolonization

    In focus are studies that examine various interventions related to surgery and its effects on colonization and time for  recolonization of skin...Read more

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