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Research Teams

  • Anestesiology

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  • Biomarkers for inflammatory response upon exposure to air pollutants in different work environments

    Although the risk of dying from heart attack has significantly decreased in Sweden since 1996, we see an increased mortality in heart failure and...Read more
  • Breast cancer surgery

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  • Collaboration around persons with special needs

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  • Complications in the Reproductive Life of Women and Men

    Several patient groups within women’s healthcare are at risk of illness; they have grief reactions to the losses they experience. This is...Read more
  • Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS)

    The research group studies and evaluates how reduction of stress and support for important functions during the perioperative care can improve and...Read more
  • Experimental Neuropsychiatry

    Presentation Experimental Neuropsychiatry Research was established in 2004, at Örebro University. The aim was to study the mechanisms of...Read more
  • EXPerimental research in Rehabilitation (EXPiR)

    Our research includes projects studying effects and experiences of rehabilitation interventions. Rehabilitation interventions are physical and...Read more
  • Functional Bioinformatics

    Objectives Background Functional Analyses in Bioinformatics, in contrast to the sister bioinformatics disciplines of Structural Analysis and...Read more
  • Geriatric Medicine and multimorbidity/frailty in elderly people

    The research group studies multimorbid, frail elderly people, especially 75 years and older in community based elderly care. The studies focus on:-...Read more

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