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Research Teams

  • Anaestesiological nursing

    Anesthesia care is complex when it comes to patients’ comfort, wellbeing and physical conditions, treatment and specific circumstances in the...Read more
  • Anestesiology

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  • Biomarkers for inflammatory response upon exposure to air pollutants in different work environments

    Although the risk of dying from heart attack has significantly decreased in Sweden since 1996, we see an increased mortality in heart failure and...Read more
  • Breast cancer surgery

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  • Clinical audiological research

    The research group conducts interdisciplinary audiological research using a bio-psychosocial perspective. The research is clinical, patient oriented...Read more
  • Clinical Epidemiology

    The Clinical Epidemiology group comprises staff from both Örebro University and Örebro University Hospital; with collaboration across...Read more
  • Collaboration around persons with special needs

    The group carries out research on the collaboration process and the importance of collaborating on issues relating to persons in need of special...Read more
  • Complications in the Reproductive Life of Women and Men

    Several patient groups within women’s healthcare are at risk of illness; they have grief reactions to the losses they experience. This is...Read more
  • Critical Realism Seminar

    Information is only available in Swedish

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  • Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities

    Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities (CSMM) has been a rapidly growing area of research within Feminist Studies and Gender Studies over recent...Read more

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