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Åsa Jernudd

Åsa Jernudd
Title: Universitetslektor
School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
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Research Areas

My research has concerned Swedish film history, primarily the early period and the cultural and economic pressures that shaped 'the cinema'; the tensions between locally adapted exhibition cultures and evolving industrial standards and practices. Taking an interest in film culture I have also ventured into ethno-historical enquiry based on memory discourse of cinema-going and film. Currently I am exploring cinema culture in Sweden during the classical and postwar period, when cinema was at its most popular, a mass medium of unprecedented reach, appeal and cultural impact. My focus is on exhibition, I am concerned with teasing out differences in exhibition and reception depending on geocultural and spacial variation.

Current Teaching

I teach a variety of courses in the field of Media and Communication Studies that concern film. These include cinema/film history, theory and analysis, as well as scriptwriting.

As a STINT-fellow, I have taught an undergraduate course in Cinema Studies at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, August to December 2011.


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Conference Papers, etc:

Jernudd, Å. 'Differences in Programming and Audience Address in Swedish Cinemas of the late 1930s.' Paper presented at HOMER@necs 2013: European Network for Cinema and Media Studies' anual conference, Prague, June 20-22

Symposium: Film History and Experiences: interdisciplinary research in cinema and media, Lund University, 11th May 2012. Paper: 'Modernity, Ideology and Commerce: Locating Swedish Cinema History.' Invited speaker

Conference: The Branding Strategy in the Audiovisual Sector, Université de Toulouse Le Mirail, France, 5th-6th April 2012. Paper (with Cecilia Mörner): “Understanding the films of Swedish comedians Hans Alfredsson and Tage Danielsson in terms of cultural branding.”

Presentation in the research seminar at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, September 7th, 2011. Paper: "Swedish Film Culture in Retrospective: (Trans)national Reflections in Film Memory".

Necs (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies): Sonic Futures: Soundscapes and the Languages of Screen Media, London, 23-26 June, 2011. Paper: “Is the Appeal of Hasse & Tage Strictly national? A case study of The Adventures of Picasso”. Chair of panel: ”Hasse & Tage as Trademark: film as part of a cultural branding enterprise”

Svenska Historikermötet, Göteborg, 5-7 maj 2011. Deltagande i Rundabordssamtal: Film och historia just nu

ECREA 2010: 3rd European Communication Conference, Hamburg, Germany, 12-15 October, 2010. Paper: “Locating (Trans)national Reflections in Film Memory”

necs (European Network for Cinema and Media Studies): Locating Media, Lund, Sweden, 25-28 June, 2009. Paper: “Cinema, Memory and Identity: narrative strategies when remembering cinema-going and film”

Bergslagskonferensen, Borlänge, oktober 2008. Paper: “Film i Fagersta, berättelser om biografens betydelse”

Screen Studies Conference, Glasgow, July, 2008. Paper: “Spaces of Early Film Exhibition in Sweden”

Conference: The Glow in Their Eyes. Global Perspectives on Film Cultures, Film Exhibition and Cinemagoing, Ghent, December, 2007. Paper: “Features of Early Film Culture in Rural Sweden”

Symposium: Visualizing Africa. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on The Rose of Rhodesia (1917), Uppsala, June, 2007. Chair of a panel

International E Seminar, 2006, led by Kate Bowles, University of Wollongong and Richard C. Allen, University of North Carolina: The History of the Social Experience of Cinema-Going

Nitra konferens: Dokumentärfilmen i Sverige. Identitet – Självbild – Minne, Falun, oktober 2005. Paper: ”Regulating Public Auditoriums”

17:e nordiska konferensen för medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap, Aalborg, augusti 2005. Paper: ”Fairground Amusements and (the Absence of) Film Around 1900: the example of Örebro, Sweden”

British Academy Network Seminar: Local Film and Local Exhibition, Stockholm, August, 2004. Paper: “Reform, Temperance and Entertainment: leisure in a small town in Sweden around 1900”

NorFa Workshop on History and Film, Lund, August, 1999. Paper: “The Expedition Film. ‘Just Looking’ at Wild Men and Beasts”

14:e nordiska konferensen för medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap, Kungälv, augusti 1999. Paper: ”Nonfiction and Documentary: an analysis of a program inbetween”, vice ordförande I arbetsgruppen Film og TV-fiktion

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