NCFF - The Swedish National Centre for Child Health Promotion

Good health – one of education’s most important goals

It is a great and important task to give children and adolescents the opportunity to discover the advantages of being physically active, experience the fun of exercising, understand the relationship between food and health, and to encourage their interest in healthy eating habits.

In 2004 the Swedish Government approved a bill to establish the Swedish National Centre Promoting Physical Activity among Children and Youth, or NCFF to give it its Swedish abbreviation (reference number SFS 2003:305 in the Swedish Code of Statutes).

On 1 May 2006, the mandate of the NCFF was extended to promote healthy eating habits and other aspects of good health in children and adolescents (SFS 2006:187). In conjunction with this, the centre’s name was changed to The Swedish National Centre for Child Health Promotion. (The abbreviation NCFF was, however, retained.)

The NCFF consists of a board, a secretariat at Örebro University and a scientific council. The government has appointed a chairperson and two board members and invited eight other organisations to appoint representatives.

Uppdaterad: 2011-10-20

Sidansvarig: Camilla Bergholm