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Åke Grönlund

Åke Grönlund
Tjänstetitel: Professor
Organisation: Handelshögskolan vid Örebro universitet
E-post: This is an email address
Telefon: 019-301295
Rumsnummer: L2119


Åke’s research concerns the use of information and communication
technologies (IDT) in various human activities. Key words include
information systems, informatics, electronic government, ICT for
Development (ICT4D), e-learning, education, mobile technologies and others.

The common denominator involved in all projects is to understand how people arrange their work, their organizations, and other activities pertaining to private life, such as socializing on the web, and how ICT can be used to make improvements.

See my CV (attached to this page) for a list of projects and publications.

One strong focus is ICT use in government reform, “electronic
government”. A recent study* finds Åke to be the most influential
eGovernment researcher in the period 2005-2008.

* Erman, N., Todorovski, L. (2009) Mapping the E-Government Research
with Social Network Analysis. In M.A. Wimmer et al. (Eds.): EGOV 2009,
LNCS 5693, pp. 13–25, 2009. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Research groups:

Information Techology for Development
Public Sector Innovation

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