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Göran Eriksson

Göran Eriksson
Title: Professor
School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
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Phone: +46 19303815
Room: F3137

Research areas

Ordinary people on Television: A historical study of change, continuity and transformation

Press Conferences as Public Arena.

News Journalism and Political Interviews

Involved in the multidisciplinary research programme The Language of Politics in the Media Public Sphere.

Current teaching

Research methods and Methodology.
Communication Theory.

Publications (in English)

Eriksson, Göran (forthcoming) Ridicule as a strategy for the recontextualization of the working class: A multimodal analysis of class-making on Swedish reality television, Accepted for publication in Critical Discourse Studies.

Eriksson, Göran (forthcoming) “See the error of your ways”: Belligerent expertise and the curative power of ‘though love’. Accepted for publication in International Journal of Cultural Studies.

Eriksson, Göran och Östman, Johan (2013) Cooperative or adversarial? Journalists’ enactment of the watchdog function in political news production”. International Journal of Press/Politics 18(3): 304-324.

Eriksson, Göran, Larsson, Larsåke och Moberg Ulla (2013) Politikernas arena: En studie om presskonferenser på regeringsnivå [The Politicians’ Arena: A study of governmental press conferences], Lund: Studentlitteratur.

Ekström, Mats och Eriksson, Göran (2013) Citizen participation in journalist discourse: Multi-platform political interviews in the Swedish election campaign 2010, In: Tolson, Andrew och Ekström, Mats (eds), Media Talk and Political Elections in Europe and America, Palgrave McMillan: Hampshire.

Moberg, Ulla och Eriksson, Göran (2013) Managing ideological differences in joint political press conferences: A study of the strategic use of the personal pronoun ‘we’. Journal of Language and Politics 12(3): 315-334.

Ekström, Mats, Eriksson, Göran, Johansson, Bengt och Wikström, Patrik (2013) Biased Interrogations? A multimethodological approch on bias in election campaign interviews. Journalism Studies 14(3): 423-439.

Ekström, Mats, Eriksson, Göran and Kroon Lundell, Åsa (2013) Live co-produced news: emerging forms of news production and presentation on the web. Media, Culture and Society35(5): 620-639.

Eriksson, Göran and Eriksson, Mats (2012) Managing Political Crisis: An Interactional Approach to “Image Repair” in Political Press Conferences, Journal of Communication Management 16 (3):264-277.

Eriksson, Göran (2011) Follow-up questions in political press conferences, Journal of Pragmatics 43(14): 3331-3344.

Eriksson Göran (2011) Adversarial Moments: A Study of Short-form Interviews in the news, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, 12(1): 51-69.

Eriksson, Göran (2010) Politicians in celebrity talk show interviews: the narrativization of personal experiences, Text & Talk 30 (5): 529-551.

Kroon Lundell, Åsa och Eriksson Göran (2010) Interviews as Communicative Resource in News and Current Affairs Broadcast, Journalism Studies 11(1):20-35.

Eriksson, Göran (2009) The Management of Applause and Laughter in Live Political Interviews, Media, Culture & Society, vol 31(6):901-920.

Eriksson, G. (2006): 'Framing of Politicians Answers and the Mediazation of Politics', In Ekström, M., Kroon, Å. & Nylund, M. (ed.), News from the Interview Society, Göteborg: Nordicom.

Eriksson, G. (2006): Rethinking the rethinking: The problem of generality in qualitative media audience research, Nordicom Review, vol 27(1), 31-44. Link to Nordicom

Selected conference papers

Eriksson, Göran (2014) ‘Celebrification’ as de-legitimization: The devaluing ot the Swedish working class, paper presented at CADAAD, 1-3 September, Budapest, Hungary.

Eriksson, Göran (2014) Televised Cooking expertise and ‘Strategies of ordinari-ization’, paper presented at the 21th Ross Priory International Seminar on Broadcast Talk, 2-4 July, 2014, Brest, France.

Eriksson, Göran (2014) The Laughable Excessiveness of the ’Ordinary’: A Multimodal Analysis of Class-Making on Swedish Reality Television, paper presented at International Communication Association’s (ICA) 64th annual conference, 22-26 May, 2014, Seattle, USA.

Ekström, Mats, Eriksson, Göran and Kroon Lundell, Åsa (2013) Live co-produced news: emerging forms of news production and presentation on the web. Paper presented at ICA, London, 17-21 June, 2013.

Eriksson, Göran och Östman, Johan (2013) Cooperativeness or Adversarialness? Politics and the Watchdog Function in Key Moments of News Production. Paper presented at ICA, London, 17-21 June, 2013.

Ekström, Mats, Kroon-Lundell Åsa and Göran Eriksson (2012) Sociability, superliveness and interactional imperfections, paper presented at The 20th Ross Priory International Seminar on Broadcast Talk, July 9-12, Ross Priory, Scotland.

Ekström, Mats and Eriksson, Göran (2012) Audience involvement and the expanding forms of election campaign interviews, paper presented at “Media Talk and Political Elections”: a symposium at De Montfort University Leicester 6th-7th June 2012.

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