Registration and abstract submission

Annual Nobel Day Festivities will be held Monday 9th of December, final program and book of abstract will be published in the middle of November. Please register below.

If you intend to present an abstract at the Nobel Day Festivities, please note that you have to both registrate your abstract and do a registration for the Nobel Day Festivities below.

We hereby invite all Researchers, Doctoral students, Postdocs and special invited students at Schools of Medical-, and Health Sciences to register as soon as possible to participate during the day.

Abstract submission

Doctoral students, Postdocs and special invited students are welcome to participate actively on Nobel Day by submitting one or more abstract(s).

Accepted abstract will also participate with poster presentation(s). 5-6 will also have the opportunity to be nominated and perform 10 minutes oral presentations. The 2 best posters shall be praised. Selection/Nomination will be based on the submission of abstracts/poster presentations and decided by reviewers*. 

Please note - The posters should match the standard size 70 cm wide and 120 cm high.

Doctoral students who participate in Nobel Day Festivities and want credits as a part of "Research Communication in Medical Sciences, 1 credit" are able to do so through the abstract registration form. Note! If you already fulfilled this course, you are not able to apply again.

The syllabus for "Research Communication in Medical Sciences"

* Reviewers: Mats Eriksson, Hans Hjelmqvist, Johan Jendle, Allan Sirsjö, Lars-Olov Lundqvist and Mikael Quennerstedt.