Program - 1st Metabolomics Conference 26-28 August 2018

Venue: Aula Nova, Örebro University



Sunday, August 26

15:00 - 17:30

Poster set-up


Registration opens


Conference  opening - greetings from Nordic Metabolomics Society, organizing committee and Örebro University (Professor Johan Schnürer, vice-chancellor)


Opening keynote lecture
Antonio Vidal-Puig (University of Cambridge, UK)
"Adipose tissue expandability, lipotoxicity and the metabolic syndrome"


Welcome reception -  Mingel and snacks  - Performance by Viktor Nyströms jazztrio



Monday, August 27

06:45 - 07:30

Morning jog/morning walk in Örebro (sponsored by Larodan AB). Meeting point Scandic Grand Hotel

09:00 – 10:30



Session 1 – Metabolomics workflows and data analysis

Chair:  Thomas Moritz (Umeå University, Sweden)

Keynote lecture
Gary Siuzdak (Scripps Research Institute, USA) 
"Activity metabolomics"

Roland Nilsson (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
“A web service framework for interactive analysis of metabolomics data”

Pär Jonsson (Umeå University, Sweden)
“Extensions and improvements of the OPLS framework exemplified in metabolomics data”

Maria Anastasiadi (Cranfield University, UK)
“Application of machine learning methods to predict usage, age, and harvest season in 66 apple cultivars"

10:30 – 11:00

Break and posters

11:00 – 12:00

Panel debate and Q&A – Metabolomics workflows: quality control, data processing, metabolite identification and  quantification

Panel discussion


Tuulia Hyötyläinen (Örebro University, Sweden)
Steffen Neumann (Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Germany)
Tomas Pluskal (Whitehead Institute, USA)
Garry Siuzdak (Scripps Research Institute, USA)

Moderator: Matej Orešič (Örebro University, Sweden and University of Turku, Finland) 

12:00 – 13:30

Lunch and posters

13:30 – 15:00





Session   2 – Genome-scale metabolic modelling to study health and disease

Chair: Rikard Landberg (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

Keynote lecture
Adil Mardinoglu (SciLifeLab, Sweden)
"The employment of systems biology in the treatment of liver diseases" 

Saeed Shoaie (King’s College London, UK)
“Systems biology of oral and gut microbiome in health and diseases”

Óttar Rolfsson (University of Iceland, Iceland)
“Metabolic systems analysis of epithelial to mesenchymal cell transition in breast epithelium”

Partho Sen (University of Turku, Finland) 
“Genome-wide metabolic modelling of human CD4+ T-helper cell”

15:00 – 15:30

Break and posters

15:30 – 17:00 




Session 3 – Molecular physiology in health and disease

Chair: Stine Marie Ulven (University of Oslo, Norway)

Keynote lecture
Matej Orešič (Örebro University, Sweden and University of Turku, Finland)
"Metabolome en route to autoimmunity and overt disease: prospective studies in type 1 diabetes and celiac disease" 

Tianrong Yeo (University of Oxford, UK)
“Utility of NMR plasma metabolomics as a diagnostic biomarker in antibody-mediated inflammatory demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system”

Maaria Kortesniemi (University of Turku, Finland)
“Human milk metabolomes are shaped by maternal psychological distress and milk cortisol levels”

Masoumeh Alinaghi (Aarhus University, Denmark)
“Bovine colostrum modifies the metabolic response during neonatal bloodstream sepsis in preterm pigs”


Guided tour at the Castle.


Conference dinner, General Assembly of the Nordic Metabolomics Society - Performance by Örebro Studentsångare



Tuesday, August 28 

09:00 – 10:30




Session 4 – Food and health

Chair: Hanne Christine Bertram (Aarhus University, Denmark) 

Keynote lecture
Lorraine Brennan (University College Dublin, Ireland)
"Metabolomics in nutrition - current status and future outlook" 

Lin Shi (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
“Biomarkers of fish intake and their association with type 2 diabetes risk”

Stefania Noerman (University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland)
“Metabolic profiling of high egg consumption and the associated lower risk of type 2 diabetes in middle-aged Finnish men” 

Patrik Hansson (University of Oslo, Norway)
"Gender differences in postprandial response to different dairy products on lipoprotein subclasses: a randomized controlled cross-over trial"

Rebekka Thøgersen (Aarhus University, Denmark)
“Metabolomics as a tool to elucidate the effect of inulin fortification of processed meat – a rat intervention study”

10:30 – 11:00

Break and posters

11:00 – 12:20

Session   5 – Industry session

Chair: Lars Dragsted (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Steven Fischer (Agilent Technologies)
"Investigation of pyrazinamide mechanism of action for tuberculosis using metabolomics” 

Joanne Connolly (OMICS Business Development, Waters Northern Europe)
"A non-targeted metabolomic study of retail pomegranate juice products to investigate nutritional and quality characteristics - using a novel data independent acquisition mode and ion-mobility on a QTof MS instrument" 

Anas Kamleh (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
"Improved metabolome coverage and increased confidence in unknown identification through novel automated acquisition strategy combining sequential injections and MSn

Aiko Barsch and Manfred Spraul (Bruker) 
"Novel and innovative Solutions for advancing Metabolomics and Lipidomics research"

12:20 – 13:20

Lunch and posters

13:20 – 14:50




Session 6 – Environmental and plant metabolomics

Chair: Kati Hanhineva (University of Eastern Finland, Finland)

Keynote lecture
Stephen M. Rappaport (University of California Berkeley, USA)
"Metabolomics of Neonatal Blood Spots Reveals Lipids Associated with Childhood Leukemia"

Tuulia Hyötyläinen (Örebro University, Sweden)

“Exposure to environmental chemicals during pregnancy affects the lipidomic profiles in the offspring and may mediate the risk of type 1 diabetes”

Ilara G.F. Budzinski (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
“Metabolite characterization along wood forming tissues in hybrid aspen” 


Tomáš Pluskal (Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, USA)
“The biosynthetic origin of psychoactive kavalactones in kava” 


Closing and awards