Housing for Master's students

If you have been admitted to a Master’s programme at Örebro University, you can apply for accommodation with our Housing Office. This is only available to students who wish to live on their own and do not have a Swedish personal identity number.

Students without a personal identity number who wish to live on their own

If you have been admitted to a Master's programme at Örebro University but do not already have a Swedish personal identity number, you can apply for single occupancy accommodation with our Housing Office. Note accommodation is not guaranteed only if availble we can offer thoose who has applied in time.

This accommodation offers corridor-style living in apartment buildings located around campus and is suitable for one person only. You can apply for accommodation either for one year or two years - depending on the length of your studies - once you have received your admissions result.

Families/groups cannot stay in our corridor-style accommodation. If you intend to find accommodation for more than one - with family or friends - you will need to secure your own private accommodation for the duration of your studies.

Application for housing via the Housing Office (deadline 15 May 2023)

If we receive your application after the deadline of 15 May 2023, we cannot guarantee accommodation for you. If your application is successful, you will be offered if available accommodation in close proximity to campus.

If you intend to withdraw your application for housing you will need to notify the Housing Office - This is an email address - as soon as possible, as we need to give notice on the accommodation we have arranged for you.

Do you already have a Swedish personal identity number?

If you are a Master’s student with a Swedish personal identity number, you are required to make your own arrangements to find housing. We recommend you to contact a housing company in Örebro - for example, ÖBO:


Since there is a limited number of rooms available, please start the application process as soon as possible.

Additional information

Our furnished student rooms are available to any individuals who apply directly with our Housing Office. These rooms are single occupancy, and typically include an en-suite bathroom and shared kitchen facilities.

There are two types of student accommodation:

  • Corridor-style accommodation - the tenant has their own room and bathroom but shares a kitchen with other students.
  • Apartments (with private bathroom and kitchenette) - the apartments are furnished with basic furniture, including a bed, desk, chair and lamp.

Our student accommodation is located around Örebro University's main campus. Around campus there are communal areas and meeting places, including local restaurants and shops.

Rent is paid in advance before arrival. An invoice, including payment instructions, will be sent to your email address. Should you wish to terminate your contact before the end of your tenancy, one (1) month’s notice applies.

Should you wish to arrive earlier than 15 August and require early access to your accommodation, the rent for the number of additional days in the agreed accommodation will be sent out on a separate invoice.

Accommodation for multiple occupants

Örebro University cannot provide multiple-occupant accommodation. If you are intending to share accommodation with others - eg. with your family - you will need to find your own private accommodation for the duration of your studies.

The best way to do this would be to contact private landlords/letting agencies and ask about available properties. You can find a list of companies in Örebro here:

List of private rental agencies in Örebro

Alternatively, you can search for available rentals on the open market on multiple letting sites. Here are a few options:

The websites above are in Swedish - please use a browser translation (eg. Google Translation) to assist you. You can phone companies directly, or send messages on the rental sites.


If you do not have accommodation secured before your studies commence, you may not be able to study - this could then affect your right to reside in Sweden. Please make sure that you explore all housing options before arriving in Sweden.