Call for external evaluators

Research Evaluators within the area of Successful Ageing

Örebro University is issuing an open call for evaluators for the recruitment of doctoral students to the Newbreed-MSCA Cofund Doctoral Programme. This programme aims to create a new breed of researchers within the area of successful ageing by way of creating an international and transdisciplinary environment for research in continuous cooperation with industry, civil society and public sector.

The call for external evaluators is now closed.

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The Newbreed programme

The ageing population is one of Europe's and the world's grand challenges for the 21st century. How to cope with populations that are living ever longer and understanding the processes and means of tackling and benefitting from such populations has already been studied in great detail. However, the studies have mostly been independent, in often almost unrelated areas. To look at ageing throughout the whole life-course from many different dimensions, and not just in elderly people, requires a new breed of interdisciplinary research who has been trained to work on the topic within a number of different disciplines within science and the humanities.

Örebro university is looking for evaluators within the following four thematic areas:

Ageing and psychosocial adjustment: There is a great need to better understand how psychosocial adjustment develops with age and not the least what kind of factors and interactions of factors that are associated with positive and negative psychosocial adjustment.

Ageing from a societal perspective: This theme examines ageing processes within and across societies, how ageing intersects with class, gender, generation and further social divisions, and how this knowledge can be applied beneficially.

Ageing and the fourth industrial revolution: This theme studies how the technologies in the fourth industrial revolution can be developed and applied to ageing, to bring about empowerment, independent living, a greater understanding of age-related diseases, and not least to raise the quality of life. Of equal importance will be also to study and understanding of the aspects that are related to the ethical and societal impacts that such technologies may have.

The biology of ageing: This theme addresses the topic of age-related decline in physiological function, one of the most important determinants of chronic diseases and disability among the elderly through a broad approach including research into the influence of socio-demographic, psychological, environmental, dietary and biological factors.

We invite prospective evaluators from academia, industry and civil society as well as the public sector to apply. Applicants should have experience as well as expertize within relevant areas for one or more of the four themes.

This project is Co-funded by the European Union, MSCA Cofund, Horizon 2020