Newbreed secondments

Secondments - For students admitted within the Newbreed Doctoral Programme

The EU-financing through MSCA COFUND and the grant agreement of Newbreed places specific demands and requirements on the doctoral education of the PhD students. One of these requirements is mobility, where secondments play an essential part in the Newbreed programme. The secondments should take the “triple I” perspective in consideration – international networking, intersectoral exposure, and interdisciplinarity. The following requirements for secondments within Newbreed apply:

  • During the course of the doctoral programme, each PhD student must to carry out four secondments.
  • The four secondments should in total equal between a minimum of 90 working days and maximum of 100 working days.
  • The secondments can be short (minimum one week) or long (a number of months).
  • At least one of the secondments should be interdisciplinary (e.g. within or between different disciplines within academia).
  • At least one of the secondments should be intersectoral (e.g. within or between academia and business).
  • Two secondments per doctoral student must be international.
  • The remaining two secondments should be within the region or in Sweden.

 In order to best suit the specific project and the PhD students’ needs to develop certain skills and knowledges, the choices of secondments is planned by the PhD student together with the supervisor. The project coordinator, project manager and team leaders will also be available if needed.

The secondments must be planned and documented in accordance to the above requirements in the Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP). The information on the secondments in the PCDP includes requirements on organization/sector, the triple I perspective, number of days, and content and focus area. The PCDP is filled in and revised annually (in connection to filling in the ISP).

Please note! The PhD student and supervisor are responsible for contacting the secondment organization and requesting and arranging the secondment.

The PhD student is recommended to combine secondments with other activities such as already planned courses and conferences. The PhD students of Newbreed will be offered a course in applying for external funding and scholarships with the Grants Office, during the spring of 2019, aimed at finding funding opportunities which could be used within the secondments.


Budet/booking/travels and accomodation

Each PhD student is given a budget to divide between the four secondments[1]. The PhD student is responsible for arranging the travels and accommodation. Travels and accommodation are to be booked with Lingmerths, which is the travel agency procured by the university. Information regarding how to contact and book with Lingmerths can be found at inforum. Simply write Lingmerths in the search field, top right corner. In order to book you will need to have the reference code of your “home” Schools Financial Officer as well as the ORU invoicing address:

Örebro universitet
Reference code: Fill in reference code from Financial Officer and mark Newbreed
Box 1252
701 12 Örebro

The secondments are preferably completed during the second and third year of the Newbreed doctoral programme. 

[1] No travel allowance will be reimbursed.


International assignments shorter than three months

For international business travel lasting up to three months, you are required to carry a personal insurance card; the Swedish State Business Travel Insurance Certificate. The card can be obtained from Human Resources. It is proof of the existence of an insurance policy that will cover any costs and with it you will receive prompt access to emergency medical care. If the business travel is undertaken within the EU/EEA, you also need to bring the European Health Insurance Card which you order from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan).



Please contact the Newbreed team at This is an email address.