Personal Career Development Plan

Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) For students admitted within the Newbreed Doctoral Programme


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The EU-financing of Newbreed through MSCA COFUND places specific demands on the doctoral education of the PhD students. One of these specific demands is that each PhD student should keep a Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) throughout the doctoral education. The PCDP will help the student and supervisor to address the PhD students personal and career development plans, as well as plan for the secondments. The plan should supply a framework for professional development, identify career goals and act as a roadmap for addressing development of skills or knowledge in connection to the planned secondments.


Anually, at the same time as the Individual Study Plan (ISP) is updated.


By filling in the form below, using the inserted instructions.

When the plan has been fully filled and you have pressed the "Send" button, the PhD student, supervisor and Newbreed team will recieve an email containing the information submitted. Please note, in order to recieve an email you will have to fill in an ORU email address. If you have a supervisor without an ORU email address or outside of ORU, the PhD student needs to forward the plan in an email.

PCDP form

1. Doctoral student

2. Professional Development Plan

2a) Self-Assessment Summary Statement from PhD student
Motivations, current skills, skills to be developed during doctoral programme and vision for the future (Post PhD).

2b) Career goals for PhD student (Post PhD)
Established together with Supervisor.


2c) Development Activities and Experiences
Additional to already planned educational activities stated in ISP, i.e.  secondments and intersectoral training, transferable skills training. Include milestones and target completion dates.


2d) Additonal rescources needed to fulfil the PCDP
If any, establish together with Supervisor.

3. Monitoring Record

3a) Plan for supervision per year
State year, number of hours and interval of supervision.

3b) Plan for secondments

In this section you will describe your secondments. During the course of the doctoral programme four secondments are to be planned and completed. All secondments are to be planned in connection to each other and in accordance to EU-regulations. Before planning your secondments, please read the following information on requirements.

Secondment 1

Secondment 2

Secondment 3

Secondment 4

Intdle of secondment 4


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