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Your gift of money...

No matter if you're an individual, business or organisation, you'll find making a gift of financial support to the work and life of Örebro University is a rewarding, impactful and meaningful act.

But why should you think about it, what would you support and how would you go about it? Lots of good questions which we've tried to answer below.

If there are questions we haven't answered, then get in touch with us. We're a University, we love questions. And just maybe we can find the answers together.

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm!

Why do people give to universities?

Many people wonder why universities receive more philanthropic money than any other type of organisation or charity.

The answer's simple. Think of any social, business, environmental or scientific challenge we face - locally, nationally or globally. And there are lots to choose from. The one thing that unites nearly all these is that their solution is more likely to emerge from a university than anywhere else.

It's a big claim. But consider what a university like Örebro represents. A critical mass of great thinkers, scientific theory, facilities, academic rigour and discipline. The ambition to push boundaries, explore the unknown and answer questions.

You need an environment like that to solve problems, find solutions.

Why give to Örebro University?

We receive funding from the Swedish government, as well as various research bodies in Sweden and beyond. We also receive project funds from partners across industry and the public sector.

We work hard with this investment. Our impact and our reputation is growing each year. And the contribution we're able to make within society - through our research, teaching, students and alumni - is something we take pride in.

But there's no cap on where our expertise, knowledge and ambition could take us.

We're a small, well-connected and responsive University - consistently punching above our weight and attracting outstanding talent. And although we work locally to support Örebro's region's social and economic vitality, we're increasingly national and international in our outlook.

In fact, we're now recognised as one of the world's top 350 universities, placing us in the top 2% of global institutions.

It's this depth of excellence and sense of momentum, combined with our lack of interest in traditional academic boundaries and our proven interest in partnership, that makes us such an exciting option for philanthropists and partners.

There's an opportunity here to have a truly catalytic impact - for novel, unique and rewarding research and solutions. To support people and communities not just locally, but nationally and internationally too. And to make an inspirational contribution to the story of Örebro University's growth and success.

What can I donate money to?

We have a bag-full of great research and student projects that might interest you.

This means that if you have a particular passion, interest or concern, then you're certain to find that reflected in the work we do and the people we help.

For example, we have brilliant researchers exploring issues around bacteria resistance, ageing, environmental pollution, diabetes, microdata analysis in healthcare and business, social integration, recovery after surgery, cancer, artificial intelligence and robotics, 3D printing, food security and more. Far more. It's a very big bag, full of hope, challenge and potential. 

In addition, you could help us support students who are suffering financial hardship, or offer a scholarship in a particular subject you support. We're also leading the way in Sweden with our work on projects like 'Line 14', helping school children who might not otherwise consider a university education raise their aspirations, achieve their potential. That's a project that we've been building for years, and we see the results walking around campus every day.

Alternatively, you can ask the University to allocate your gift to the area we see as of the greatest importance at the time.

How can I donate?

If you're reading this, then thank you for thinking about donating.

One way you can donate is to transfer funds directly to our University account via Bank Giro, our number is 107-6645. If you do, please make sure you include any details in the transaction description so we can thank you, and make sure your donation supports the area you'd like it to.

Alternatively, you might like to talk to us first, and tell us about your interests so we can identify where your philanthropy could have the most impact.

Regardless of how you make your gift, our thanks for supporting Örebro University. Thanks for believing in the power of education and research to change the world for the better.

Would you like to know more about making a donation? Talk to:

Tim Stubbings

Title: Coordinator School/office: Communication and Collaboration

Profile page: Tim Stubbings


Phone: +46 19 303158

Room: E2255

Tim Stubbings