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Register as a student 'mentee'

Thanks for your interest. If we're able to match you to a mentor you'll be invited (in week 42) to take part in Mentor Match, which runs from mid-October 2020 until mid-April 2021.

The registration process will take about 10 to 15 minutes. There are three areas; 1) You and your contact details, 2) Your future career and 3) Helpful extras.

Register as a student 'mentee'

SECTION 1: You and your contact details...

1.3. *Have you taken part in Mentor Match before?:
1.8. *To take part in Mentor Match you'll need to have the time and commitment to meet at least once a month (from mid-October to mid-April). Will this be OK for you?:
1.9. *To take part in Mentor Match, please tick the box to confirm you've read and agreed to our data protection policy:

SECTION 2: Your future career...

2.4. *When you look forward a few years, are there any specific professions you're interested in working within? Select one from list 1, and one from list 2:

2.5. *Are there any specific industries you're interested in working in? Select an option from list 1 and another from list 2:

2.6. *As well as experience in professional or industry areas, are there other types of experience you hope to find in your mentor? Select any that are interesting for you:

Breadth of experience – e.g. from different professions/sectors/organisations:
Depth of experience – e.g. built over 10 years:
Experience of building contact networks:
Experience of dealing with diversity challenges – e.g. gender, accessibility, cultural:
Experience of leadership/management:
Experience of working in a science- or technology-focused role:
Experience of working overseas or in an international environment:

SECTION 3: Helpful extras...

3.1. *Please select three attributes you feel you will bring to your mentoring partnership:

Note: There are no 'right answers', and we appreciate you could select more - just choose those you feel are most applicable! :)

Now select three qualities you hope to find in a mentor:

3.2. *Please indicate which language(s) you would be able and happy to conduct your mentoring in:
3.3. If necessary, are you willing and able to conduct your mentoring digitally – for example via Zoom or Skype?:

Thank you for your interest in Mentor Match - click on the button below to submit your registration!