R&D Council for Social Innovation

Our Research and Development Council for Social Innovation (R&D Council – in Swedish, the FoU-rådet) brings together 15 scientists from across nine different disciplines, and is linked to a regional initiative to develop social innovation within the Örebro region.

Social innovations create new solutions to existing social problems. Solutions that are more efficient and sustainable, solutions that are better than the existing alternatives. And ‘social’ is a fundamental component – goals are created in-hand with the community, projects are delivered by people across society, and the benefits are realised within the community too.

Projects might explore new ideas, products, services and models, with the aim of resolving a social need, whilst encouraging and strengthening social relationships and collaboration.

The R&D Council’s programme helps raise awareness of social innovations, as well as advise on goals and methods. It includes research (projects, research applications, scientific publications) and engagement with the local community (research circles with practitioners, partnership projects, public lectures and so on).