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Örebro University's initiative for new arrivals

It is important to meet the needs that have arisen in Sweden as a result of the refugee situation. We believe that Örebro University is part of the solution. The university is therefore considering what it can do to assist the refugees that have arrived in Sweden in recent years.

The term “new arrivals” is often used about persons who have been granted residence permits and are registered in a municipality in Sweden. The University is, however, using the term in a broader sense and also include asylum seekers. 

Important issues concern how the resources and expertise of the university can be used, but also how we can take care of the skills and competence arriving in our country and help those who come here to establish themselves in our society.

On February 4, 2016, the government assigned all state agencies in Sweden to facilitate internships for newly arrived job seekers in collaboration with the Swedish Employment Service. The internships will be carried out between April 1, 2016 - December 31, 2018. Örebro University started to work together with the Swedish Employment Service at the beginning of this year and has now welcomed newly arrived trainees. Each trainee has an employee at the university as a mentor and is offered to participate at a "language café" once a week, arranged in cooperation with the Senior Association of Örebro University. The trainees are also offered access to OLS - Online Linguistic Support - a language system provided by the EU commission.

Newly arrived and interested in academic studies?

More information on what it is required in terms of diplomas, background knowledge, the application process and how you can validate your degrees and diplomas.

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