Competence development

When you need to develop the skills of your organisation there are many possibilities. We offer everything from individual courses or parts of programmes, to lectures and consultancy support. Working with you, we can tailor a solution to perfectly suit your needs.


We can offer lectures for your staff designed to suit your specific needs. In addition, you can take advantage of our programme of public lectures where both businesses and individuals are welcome. Alternatively, perhaps you’re interested in co-hosting a lecture?

Commissioned education

When you decide to develop the skills of your staff, you can choose from our our entire range of educational programmes. We can offer specially-commissioned courses in groups, or places for individuals on existing courses and programmes. Working with you, we can also help customise course content completely to suit your needs and ideas. We offer commissioned education at each of our campuses - Campus Örebro, USÖ Campus, the Campus Alfred Nobel in Karlskoga and Campus Grythyttan.

Consulting and research services

We can help you find both the expertise you need to develop, modify and refine your organisational activity, as well as the researchers who are a perfect match to your needs.

For more details, contact

Camilla Nicander

Title: Business Development Officer School/office: Örebro University Holding AB

Profile page: Camilla Nicander


Phone: +46 19 303270

Room: T2409

Camilla Nicander

Camilla Ulvmyr

Title: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration

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Phone: +46 19 303381

Room: A1101

Camilla Ulvmyr