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Student recruitment

We’ll help you get in contact with our students – either for use as a innovative and knowledgeable resource, or to market yourself as a potential employer. We can offer physical meeting places and forums, as well as the opportunity to engage through our career portal, ORU Career Gate.

Find students for work and thesis challenges

If your organisation’s looking for a solution or a new perspective to a challenge, then talk to us about engaging the brains, knowledge and enthusiasm of our students. As part of a project, dissertation or thesis, we review the challenge with you, establish an approach, and our students tackle the issue.

Identify students for internships and work experience

Several of our programs emphasise and value opportunities for practical, hands-on work experience and training. It’s a great way for a student to test and apply the knowledge they’ve acquired. And of course this can benefit your organisation too – bringing a fresh perspective, seeding new ideas and energy. Join ORU CareerGate to get started.

Attract and recruit students

Use our career portal, ORU CareerGate, to publish job adverts targeting our students. Jobs can be full- or part-time, permanent or fixed-term in nature. And through ORU CareerGate you can reach not just Örebro students (who are of course the best), but thousands of other students from around the world using the same platform. There are three difference advertising options to choose from - free, basic or premium.

Take part in recruitment fairs

We hold three job fairs each year – our main Campus Fair as well as two special fairs for our law programme and our Restaurant & Hotel School. The fairs provide employers with an opportunity to market their organisation, meet students and identify candidates for opportunbities such as thesis projects, internships and full-time jobs.

Engage in career and work days

Every year we organise a number of ‘career days’ for students – they often include activities such as career workshops, CV training and interview practise. You can partner with us during these sessions, providing an opportunity to raise your organisation's profile with students and identify potential talent, as well as help Örebro students start out on their career-path with confidence.

For more details, please contact:

Evelina Carey

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Evelina Carey

Giulia Fagerlund

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