AI, Education and Life-long learning

An old lady and a young man with a computer.

The 2010s were characterized by the introduction of Google Classroom, Office 365 for education and other tools to our classrooms. We have also observed the raise of MOOC and open courses that provide education to broad audiences. The end of 2010s brought AI in focus and changed the way we think about the education and professional life.

In this workshop we will discuss how AI, digitalization and automation influence the education. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the education at all levels – starting from the kindergarten and ending in the education of professionals and post-professional (elderly). The discussions will be driven by the interests of the participants (open workshop concept).

Examples of discussion topics:

  • Possibilities of digital tools in classroom – who owns the data, who should own the data
  • Possibilities and challenges of using digital, web and social tools for the learning of students/pupils/professionals
  • Possibilities and challenges of automation of teacher’s professional and pedagogical assignments (e.g. examinations, quizzes, co-production)
  • Challenges and possibilities of using MOOCS and other open courses in combination with university’s education

Tentative workshop contents:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Keynote presentation 
  • Presentation from participants
  • Open space workshop