AI for Sustainability

Plants and a robot arm.

Advances in artificial intelligence already are touching many aspects of our lives in the real world. As AI capability increases and starts to change the way we live, it is critical to think ahead about the real opportunities, and threats, that AI will create for our environment and not only for our works and our economies. AI could improve by a large extent the efficiency in the use of natural resources and avoiding to waste resources that our planet can regenerate only at a slow rate. Furthermore, AI and its applications can help in reducing the impact that our current life standards and habits have on the planet Earth.

Examples of discussion topics:

  • How to transform agricultural production
  • Higher efficiency in the energy sector
  • AI applications in the transport sector
  • AI in water and air resource prediction, management and monitoring
  • AI for managing large cities

Tentative workshop contents:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Keynote presentation 
  • Presentation from participants
  • Open space workshop