AI, Medicine and Health

Three old women and a robot.

The potential for AI to contribute to health and medicine is huge. Yet there are a number of challenges which need to be addressed to enable this uptake. This workshop will discuss the latest algorithms, tools, and methods in AI related to Medicine and Health. It will also discuss the most pressing challenges in a European Context. Finally, it will provide a forum where the participants can share the lessons learned and best practices.

Example of Discussion topics:

  • Which applications can create the most value for the patients, and the healthcare system
  • What are the current bottlenecks in using AI
  • How to scale and go beyond interesting prototypes
  • How can AI assist in Europe’s most pressing Health related challenges.

Example of Workshop contents:

  • Introduction and Welcome to the Testbed on Health&AI
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Presentation from participants
  • Tour of Testbed Apartment for AI and Health Technologies including discussion with end users
  • Open Space workshop and Discussion of Ideas for Collaboration and Overview of Upcoming EU calls.