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Agneta Blom

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303563

Room: F2201

Agneta Blom
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About Agneta Blom

Agneta Blom is Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in Political Science. She graduated in 1994 at Lund University in the thesis Kommunalt chefskap – en studie om ansvar ledarskap och demokrati. (Municipal chief officers – a study of responsibility leadership and democracy).

In terms of research, Blom has since, among other things, studied management and leadership from a gender perspective. She is currently preparing a follow-up of previous research on managers at the regional level, which focuses on gender differences.

Another current area of ​​research is about audit through public administration supervision. This is conducted in collaboration with The Swedish Unemployment Insurance Board (IAF).

From 2020, Blom will also participate in research on public officials' attitudes towards and confidence in citizens.

Blom has extensive experience from participation in official investigations on prevention of threats and violence. She was secretary in the Inquiry on threats to elected representatives 2004-2006 (SOU 2006: 46) and in the Inquiry on the Prevention of Violent Extremism 2012-2013 (SOU 2013: 81). In 2014-15, she worked for the government and coordinated work against sports-related crime.

Blom is frequently engaged as lecturer on the prevention of threats to elected representatives and about to uphold a democratic culture in the political debate.

Blom has a big heart for students and teaching. She is responsible for several profile courses in the education program Public Administration and Management. Her goal is to combine theoretical education with views from where knowledge translates into practical action. She strives to include guest lecturers with practical experience from the areas covered by the courses.

Blom is deeply engaged into collaboration between academia and the outside world. She strives to use the extensive contact network her participation in public investigations and education in municipalities and regions has given her, to create meetings between people inside and outside the academy.

In addition to research, education and investigative work, Blom also has many years of experience from leadership in Academia. At Örebro University, she has been Head of the Department of Social Sciences 1999-2003 and of the School of Business at Örebro University 2008-2011. She was deputy vice-chancellor with responsibility for internationalization and strategic competence provision 2011-2012.


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Articles in journals

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Chapters in books

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Collections (editor)

Blom, A. (ed.) & Olsson, J. (ed.) (1997). Demokrati i en ny tid: nio uppsatser om ett samhälle i förändring (1ed.). Stockholm: Fritzes (Ds : departementsserien 1997:35).

Conference papers