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Anna-Karin Frih

Title: Research Advisor School/office: Grants Office


Phone: +46 19 303814

Room: L2459, E2210

Anna-Karin Frih

About Anna-Karin Frih

Areas of responsibility

Anna-Karin Frih is deputy head of School of Law, Psychology and Social work and research advisor at Grants Office where she is the contact person for the departments of JPS and the School of Music.

She is also doing reseaech within the programme The three-city study - youth mental health. Read more: Youth mental health problems in Swedish media and medical journals ca 1970-1990.


Frih obtained her PhD in history 2007. She has taught various courses in history and gender studies at Örebro University and Mälardalen University and worked on reports commissioned by the Parliament Administration and the Ministry of Culture.

Since 2008 she has worked mainly in the university administration in several different departments and with tasks within internationalization, education and research investigations, external relations and research funding.


Areas of interest are medical history, gender studies, public health, gender and childhood history during 1800th and 1900th Century.

Frih participate as one of five members of the steering committee for the research network FlickForsk! - Nordic Network for Girlhood Studies, based at the Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS).


Research Teams


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Articles in journals

Frih, A. (2013). Den "normala" flickan i hälsoundersökningar från 1800-tal till 2000-tal. Finsk tidskrift : kultur, ekonomi, politik (7-8), 43-53.

Articles, book reviews

Chapters in books

Frih, A. (2011). Flickor och kvinnor på kurort: sjukdomar och behandlingar vid Loka brunn och Porla brunn ca 1870-1920. In: Motzi Eklöf, Naturen, kuren & samhället: vård på sanatorier och kurorter ca 1870-2010 (pp. 144-169). Stockholm: Carlsson Bokförlag.
Frih, A. (2010). Flickor och fysisk aktivitet kring sekelskiftet 1900. In: Anna-Karin Frih, Eva Söderberg, En bok om flickor och flickforskning (pp. 61-84). Lund: Studentlitteratur AB.

Collections (editor)

Frih, A. (ed.) & Söderberg, E. (ed.) (2010). En bok om flickor och flickforskning (1ed.). Lund: Studentlitteratur AB.

Conference papers

Frih, A. (2007). Water-cures for chlorotic girls: Swedish spas as health care providers in the late nineteenth century. In: Martin Dinges, Health and health care between self-help, intermediary organizations and formal poor relief (1500-2005) proceedings of the Conference of the PhoenixTN (European Thematic Network on Health and Social Welfare Policy), in Braga, Portugal, 2004. Paper presented at the Conference of the PhoenixTN (European Thematic Network on Health and Social Welfare Policy), in Braga, Portugal, 2004 (pp. 157-167). Évora: Ediçōes Colibri.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Frih, A. (2007). Flickan i medicinen: ungdom, kön och sjuklighet 1870-1930. (Doctoral dissertation). Örebro: Örebro universitetsbibliotek.


Gidlund, G. & Frih, A. (2008). Inflytande över stöd till riksdagsledamöternas och partigruppernas arbete i riksdagen. Stockholm: Riksdagens förvaltning (Utredningar från riksdagsförvaltningen 2007/08:URF 1).